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· Industrial, Noise, Power Electronics
· Soundscapes, Field Recordings

A narrative journey through the ruins of utopian architecture, recorded in 2002/3.

Booklet: "the fragmented architecture of the ruins of capitalism, is to be taken as a completly new and unknown landscape.
a nutrient medium, freed from its past „logic“ force, it can be the breeding ground for an evolving & to be developed utopia in which profit is not the only value.
ksr10 & ksr8, were two abandoned office buildings. both have been a resort, a precious null, in a system devoted to the increase of profit. such places are confronted with the strong law of large numbers, which decreases the possibility of their existence, the longer you seek for them."

Lim. to 175 copies with a cover silkscreened on found material.

1. KSR10 (20:55)
2. KSR8 (32:13)
video: KSR8 (07:44)
price: 9,00 euro          
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