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»Things That Happened« cover
   Label   Catalog No.
   REDUKTIVE MUSIKEN more from REDUKTIVE MUSIKEN  rmsc 002 / redukt 013
Listed in genres:
· Industrial, Noise, Power Electronics

5 complete recordings from concerts at different Gagarin Festivals at Rote Flora and 1 from a Unüberhörbar festival at Hörbar. Both are clubs in Hamburg.

Anti LP:
30 different LPs, only the lockgroove at the end of each side is playable. Paulina Dieb cuts with a needle new music in the empty grooves by hand. Each one is unique! Vinyl Noise at it's best!

Comes in silk printed LP cover with 2 CDrs on a cardboard, sealed LP and a 4 page A4 insert.

Strictly limited edition of 30 copies for the artists and some helpers.
The copies are handnumbered as follows:
· AP/100 (5 copies) for Audible Pain
· NK+TBC/100 (5 copies) for Notstandskomitee and TBC
· WG/100 (5 copies) for Wäldchengarten
· GA/100 (5 copies) for Government Alpha
· PfO/100 (5 copies) for Praying for Oblivion
· TB/100 (2 copies) for Thomas Beck
· MS/100 (2 copies) for Martin Schramm
· VH/100 (1 copy) for Volker Havlik

Comes also as normal edition without LP: please have a look for cat-nr redukt 013 (redukt series).

A1. Audible Pain - Dermatologische Verwerfung (2:54)
A2. Audible Pain - Freudsche Fehlleistung (2:35)
A3. Audible Pain - Otitis media acuta (3:50)
A4. Audible Pain - Synaptische Plastizität (2:32)
A5. Audible Pain - Zeitverlust (2:46)
A6. Audible Pain - Hetzen & Rennen (3:40)
A7. Audible Pain - Alb (3:37)
A8. Audible Pain - In der Rolle des Nazivaters (5:11)
A9. Notstandskomitee vs TBC - Live 18. May 2006 at Rote Flora (22:17)
B1. Wäldchengarten - Live 27. May 2005 at Hörbar (35:14)
B2. Government Alpha - Whole Rote Flora Love (10:10)
B3. Praying For Oblivion - Live 18. May 2006 at Rote Flora (7:12)
LPA. Paulina Dieb - Handcut Unique Lockgroove (∞)
LPB. Paulina Dieb - Handcut Unique Lockgroove (∞)
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