Jennifer Gentle we have only this from Jennifer Gentle  "Sacramento Session / 5 of 3"  LP
»Sacramento Session / 5 of 3« cover
   Label   Catalog No.
   A Silent Place more from A Silent Place  ASP03
Listed in genres:
· Neo Folk, Ritual
· Drones, Dark Ambient

Pink vinyl in gatefold sleeve!

Portland/Oregon-Sacramento/California: 580 miles. One of the longest trip for the first Jennifer Gentle North American tour. They play at the Academy of Fools, a sort of garage converted as an Art Gallery: a big open space, low ceiling, completely empty, walls without anything, no stage, no audio system, just a microphone. It seams the beginning of a bad night, on the contrary due to the wonderful view and the beautiful Californian Sun, or just for themselves and their fans, the Jennifer Gentle decided to play anyway; not their usual repertory to much noisy but just an improvisation made by their instinct. The result was a hypno jam session, relaxed, honeiric. The day after Jennifer Gentle play at the Davis KDVS radio, where they propose and records the same jam of the previous night, which became the "Sacramento Session". Back to home, working on Marco´s improvisations with different sounds, manipulated, mixed and remixed, they found the specular image from a distorted mirror of the "Sacramento Session": "5 of 3" is the perfect B side, the balance and overturn of that Californian night. We would like also to remark you that "Sacramento Session / 5 of 3" is not the Jennifer Gentle new studio album, but is instead a combo of a jam session together with a studio manipulation. Packaging in a de-luxe and elegant fold-out cover.
price: 13,00 euro          
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