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Good things come slow, and this is certainly the case for Beequeen. Unlike so many others, who spit out albums every week, the Beequeen takes a slow course. It took Frans de Waard and Freek Kinkelaar two years to complete the recordings for The Bodyshop, the successor to their much-acclaimed CD Ownliness from 2002. Not because of laziness, band fights or drug abuse, but simply because the whole thing had to be good. Every single second, every single instrument and every single sound has been examined and re-examined until the boys were satisfied with the results. And rightfully so.

The Bodyshop continues where Ownliness left off. Ownliness marked a distinct break with Beequeen´s past. The ambient-industrial drone music of yesteryear was said goodbye and the Beequeen’s love of pop music returned. The instruments changed from organs, synthesizers and sound effects to guitars, drums, bass and guest musicians on cello and even vocals (a distinctive first for Beequeen). The Bodyshop features two of these remarkable vocals tracks; a cover of Nick Drake´s "Black Eyed Dog" (sung by Antenne´s Marie-Louise Munck) and the indeed very sad track "Sad Sheep". Although Beequeen never cites influences, it´s easy spot their interest in the Beatles´ psychedelic period and latter day Talk Talk in combination with a love for krautrock and microsound - not the most likely of combinations, but somehow it all makes sense on The Bodyshop.

The Bodyshop was produced by Erik Drost, guitarist extraordinaire with The Legendary Pink Dots, who also contributes guitar on "Buzzbag Drive." This brand-new Beequeen album comes in a colourful tasty gatefold packaging and is available from Important Records, USA.
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