Gnostic Gnomes we have only this from Gnostic Gnomes  "Zwergenlieder"  2x 5inch
»Zwergenlieder« cover
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   Reue um Reue more from Reue um Reue  RUR007
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· Neo Folk, Ritual
· Other

After two years of fervent toil in the Spirit Mountain, the GNOSTIC GNOMES finally present their epitaph to the abandoned "Cabana Del Nan", one of the last holy places in our ever dissolving world, where the little ones, now in exile, once dwelt. The four members of the band, who are in fact the vertically challenged alter-egos of Frl. Tost, J. Weber, Sofia E. R. and Laszlo P. S., crawl out of their secret cave under cover of the lengthening nights to tell us their strange winter tale. On "Zwergenlieder", bohemian combat-folk in old NOVY SVET fashion meets WERMUT´s longing-for-ancient-times folktronics. Sincere, basic and pure, like the works of the dwarves smiths of old. In memoriam!

A1. Weisz wie Schnee, rot wie Blut, schwarz wie Ebenholz (I) (00:41)
A2. The Mountain Spirit (02:15)
B2. La pantomime triste (01:02)
B1. Svartalf Svarfadr (01:56)
C1. Hymnus Nanologicum (02:56)
D1. Der Tanz des Wurzelwichts (02:19)
D2. Weisz wie Schnee, rot wie Blut, schwarz wie Ebenholz (II) (00:38)
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