Troum more from Troum / NID more from NID  "Ignis Sacer"  LP
»Ignis Sacer« cover
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   art konkret we have only this from art konkret  art 42
  Herzbräune we have only this from Herzbräune  HB 001
Listed in genres:
· Drones, Dark Ambient

Recording of a fine live performance which took place in Braunschweig. One half of TROUM and one half of NJD/FEINE TRINKERS presented their great skills combining electronics and lots of acoustic sources and devices to their very own sound. Incredible beautiful and melancholic ambience interrupted by outbursts of repetitve noise loops and tribal-like rhythms. A must-hear! For lovers of the best RAPOON or ZOVIET-FRANCE- material. Fine qualitiy due to directly recording on CD from the mixer! High quality album cover with spine. It is designed in a beautiful warm grey, black and white tint + well arranged typography (design: Tilmann Benninghaus). The artwork evokes a monochrome "industrial" atmosphere, at the same time beautiful and melancholic, just like the music... On the whole the artwork reminds a little bit of such legendary projects like CRANIOCLAST.

Lim. to 399 copies!

A. Part 1 (Movements 1-3) (22:13)
B. Part 2 (Movements 4-6) (27:55)
price: 12,00 euro          
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