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· Electronica, Ambient
· Industrial, Noise, Power Electronics

5(zwischenfaelle) is the latest release by dutch electronic musician Roel Meelkop. It is a special release in Meelkop´s catalogue because it is consist of five piece that were originally used in the context of sound installations running over a certain period of time in specific special surroundings. For 5(zwischenfälle) Meelkop has set himself the task to compress these soundscapes into five dense and still minimal audio pieces that could work outside the context of the original installations. 5(zwischenfaelle) is focussed on single sound events and stark beautiful dynamic movements in a certain area of sound and does not have the bruitistic research-like feel of other solo works by Meelkop. 5(zwischenfaelle) makes for concentrated unpolished ultra minimal listening with maximum effect. For all friends of Francisco Lopez, Joe Colley/Crawl Unit or Marc Behrens this is a definite work!

Lim. to 500 copies in full colour digipak, artwork by Akifumi Nakajima (AUBE).
price: 13,00 euro          
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