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· Drones, Dark Ambient

"The first release of a new sublabel of ZHELEZOBETON - Muzyka Voln - is a compilation of the same name, containing compositions from twelve Russian projects playing ambient / drone music. A selection of audio-tales in which each project introduces the listener to its own sound world he´s living in: mystical stories, isolationism, altered states of consciousness, space landscapes, monotonous technogenic rumble, guitar passages and much more...

Specially for this compilation exclusive tracks were provided by: Anthesteria feat. Kaj?, Bardoseneticcube, Cisfinitum, Closing The Eternity, Exit In Grey, Hum, Instant Movie Combinations, Kshatriy, Lunar^Abyss^Deus^Organum, Necropolis, Polaris and RemoteBand.

This compilation may be useful for those interested in the Russian experimental scene and just for lovers of beautiful contemplative music.

The CD is housed in a six-panel digipak decorated with photos of Baltic Sea made by Pavel "fljõt" Pevnitsky." [label info]

01. Kshatriy - Orgamis
02. Exit In Grey - Kosmorders
03. Closing The Eternity - Autumn Dream
04. Hum - Halo Magnetic
05. Necropolis - At the End of the Universe
06. Cisfinitum - Moon Room
07. Anthesteria feat. Kaj? - In Gedanken an Russisches Drone
08. Lunar^Abyss^Deus^Organum - :Crystalline:Earth:
09. Instant Movie Combinations - Boiler Pipe
10. Bardoseneticcube - The Castle in a Fog
11. Polaris - Prickle of the Emerald Moon
12. RemoteBand - Untitled
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