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· Drones, Dark Ambient

Re-issue of the deleted CDr (Mystery Sea) from 2005 , with new cover-artwork by PETE BURN / RYN (full colour cardboard-sleeve with 4 postcards).
Edition of 750 copies.

From the liner notes:
"There is a big gap between “rational”, verbal language and the pre-symbolic language of our emotional and unconscious mind. Music is perceived partly with our conscious mind, who can analyze it and reflect on it. On another part, it is perceived by our unconsciousness, by our “primal consciousness” that lies “under” the rational mind.
The idea: Experimental music, especially that of a more droning character, can easier “get in touch” or be unconsciously connected with this primal state of mind. It is music that is linked with unconscious fantasies coming from a pre-verbal sphere of existence... the phase of life based on the dyadic interaction with the “primal object”, the mother.
At this early stage, there’s no awareness existing of being a full separated Subject, and no other full separated Objects can be perceived. Inner and outer reality is the same. Spheric, droning, dissolving music is pointing unconsciously at this “objectless” sphere of existence. This release is dedicated to the idea of an especially formed “pre-symbolic” music."

1. (Pre)-Symbolism
2. Echoes Of A Boundless Existence
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