Various Artists more from Various Artists  "Festival der Genialen Dissidenten"  LP + 7inch
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   Enfant Terrible more from Enfant Terrible  enfant 011
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· Pop & Wave, Minimal

Conceived as a follow-up to the much acclaimed "ELECTRONIC RENAISSANCE" sampler, this new compilation presents yet again only contemporary projects of the independant electronic scene, most of which are new comers who should appear again soon on the Dutch label. Music styles are more varied than on the first sampler, from Third Wave to electronica through minimal and even Chanson. Once again a perfect programme and a tasty apetizer that makes us even more curious about upcoming releases on ENFANT TERRIBLE!

A1. Agent Side Grinder - There Is The Sound That Always Goes Out
A2. Dolina - Corridors
A3. Vincent K - White Sheet Glory
A4. Nosztalgia Direktíva - Here I Am
A5. Adolf Filter - Inner Walls
B1. Codes - Waiting For The Signal
B2. Le Triangle De L´Androgyne - The Androgyne Triangle
B3. Pierre Normal - Orage
B4. Yseult Descieux - Catch A Dream
C1. Jongbloed feat. Sofia E.R. - Disco Nouveau
D1. Coeurvert - Celibataire
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