Nosztalgia Direktíva more from Nosztalgia Direktíva  "Nosztalgia Direktíva"  7inch
»Nosztalgia Direktíva« cover
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   Enfant Terrible more from Enfant Terrible  petit enfant 003
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· Pop & Wave, Minimal

First solo release of Nosztalgia Direktíva known from the acclaimed compilation "Festival der Genialen Dissidenten".

"Nosztalgia Direktíva from Hungary released before under a different alias on the now defunct but still legendary Invasion Planete Records label from France. His style of electronic music is raw and unpolished. The metalic sounds are reminiscent of old industrial music, but the songs always stay close to the elektro side of things. Authenthic contemporary elektro as it was meant to sound." [label info]

Lim. to 300 copies!

A1 Tegnapok
A2 Amorphous
B1 Reflections
B2 Néhanap
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