Johanna Liebhart more from Johanna Liebhart  "Damals..."  10inch
»Damals...« cover
   Label   Catalog No.
   Treue um Treue more from Treue um Treue  TUT013
Listed in genres:
· Pop & Wave, Minimal

Label info: "Mysterious and long-forgotten electro-wave diva of the early 80s, JOHANNA LIEBHART (occasionally credited as “ANNA”) disappeared in largely unknown circumstances back in 1999, leaving behind several unreleased albums. Even if her name is not familiar, some of you will already know her style from ICH WOLLTE ICH KÖNNTE’s first album, released on T.U.T. a couple of years ago, which was inspired by, and largely based on some of her compositions. The tracks on this 10” are all taken from Anna’s early tape recordings, and probably represent some of her most emotional and intimate works, as simple and modest in their beauty as the personality of their creator was facetious. Seven neo-romantic analogue-synth pieces, entirely instrumental. Sacral, minimal and utterly desperate, like the disclosing of someone’s secret chapel, or the hidden garden of a run-down doll-house."

Lim. to 277 hand-numbered copies with inserts.

A1. Francine (1:31)
A2. Damals (1:32)
A3. Ich wollte, ich könnte (3:57)
A4. Natascha (3:18)
A5. 1 000 000 Wörter (2:20)
B1. Nicole (3:25)
B2. Heut´ Nacht (9:11)
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