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»Sécheresse Plantée En Plein Ciel« cover
   Label   Catalog No.
   Gruenrekorder more from Gruenrekorder  Gr 071
Listed in genres:
· Soundscapes, Field Recordings
· Electronica, Ambient

Musique Concrète, Field Recording, Experimental

Label info:
"Mostly based on fieldrecordings done in Czeck Republic
and Poland during summer 2007.
Composed between january and july 2008 in Geneva.

This album is something like a blur travel diary second reading.
There is some places, with their cultural prints, their people, voices, noises.
Their changes, fast, where past and present, still, a bit, cohabit.
The neoliberalism joyfully conquering under brightfull colors, selling its spectacle.
There is habits, faith, misery, and the way we looked a them, with our own cultural construction.
There is all the small details that our eyes and ears catch, their everyday-poetry, and the personnal story we build upon them. The rain falling on the roof. the smells. Foods. Animals.
It’s about be somewhere for a while, then move, then work on its memories.
It’s not supposed to be right, or fair, juste one of the possibles."

Lim. to 50 copies!

01. le fléau (6:59)
02. regarder la croix plutôt que la poutre (6:51)
03. trente ans en trois heures (6:38)
04. sécheresse plantée en plein ciel (4:30)
05. omniprésence (7:15)
06. somnolence à Sosnoviec (6:06)
07. insouciance apparente (8:02)
08. sécheresse en périphérie (6:17)09. couloirs obliques (5:48)
10. à quelques orages d’intervalle (5:17)
11. la vie immobile (2:20)
price: 12,00 euro          
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