Massimo Bartolini we have only this from Massimo Bartolini  "Ur-Geräusch"  CD
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   Radical Matters more from Radical Matters  RMLEMSS001
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· Electronica, Ambient

Concept album based on "Ur-Geräusch" by Rainer M. Rilke.

The coronal suture of the skull bears a close resemblance (this should be verified but let's assume it's true) to the thick and sinuous line inscribed by the stylus of a phonograph on the rotating cylinder. What would happen if we were to cheat that stylus into moving along a different and unusual path, one that is not the graphical translation of a sound but rather something that exists in its own right, naturally, and - well, let's go ahead and say it, something like the coronal suture itself (for example)?-: The result should be a sound, a sequence of sounds, a certain music...

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