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· Industrial, Noise, Power Electronics

"The CD collects track from the Japan tour only AMERICAN VIOLENCE split with Slogun, the personal and private "Scavenger Bag" - 3 Business card release (from the 2006 Japan tour), an unreleased live track from Germany, and two tracks off limited releases on the Iatrogenesis Records label. Comes with a 12 page booklet containing all the writings and pictures that came in the "Scavenger Bag" making this an in depth and personal look at the thoughts and ideas that made the music and "Mudlark". The evolution of harsh electronic purity and scumbag electronics at its finest. Recommended listening for the self loathing." [Self Abuse label info]

"A thousands thoughts in one second. Hard electronics, industrial loops and a touch of personalized frenzy. This is a collection of several very personal works by SICKNESS. Containing the Scavenger Bag, and his part of the American Violence release from the Japan 2006 tour with Slogun, along with other rare tracks SICKNESS presents a very personal collection of work. For the first time presented with the the writings and art that go along with the sound he has created. A great combination to let the listener "in" a bit more." [Ninth Circle (Sickness' label) label info]

1. What Makes You Think You Can Live Without Me (4:08)
2. The Slight Pull Of Regret (3:49)
3. Idle Hands Do The Devil's Deeds (5:13)
4. I Know You Hate Me, Now You Know I Hate You (4:35)
[from American Violence split w/Slogun 2xCDr (Circle Of Shit/Ninth Circle, 2006)]

5. Scavenger (4:22)
6. I Don't Need You And You Don't Need Me (4:30)
7. The Waste This Time (4:16)
[from Scavenger 3xbiz-card CDr (Ninth Circle, 2006)]

8. Scumbag Electronics Showcase #1 (9:40)
[recorded live in Berlin at Consumer Electronics 6]

9. Blood Memory: 1918 (4:24)
[from split w/The Cherry Point 2xbiz-card CDr (Iatrogenesis, 2005)]

10. Everyone Dies Alone (3:10)
[from Microphone comp. CDr (Iatrogenesis, 2005)]
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