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"This work is one of the results of three years of sound recording around the sound Valley Taurion / Thaurion (France); it could be seen, in a way, as an immersion in the sound world of this valley: rhythms and textures of water, sound events that marks the time.
This was originally composed as 4 channels piece – as a stereo piece we tried to keep that sort of 3D effect, but it may not work on all headphones and stereo systems.

"kdi dctb 146" [www.k146.org] is a "sound mapping" project about the sound environment of the territory covered by the valley, thus creating one of the possible soundscapes. The project has several layers and levels of sub-projects, interpretation and interaction. The original creative act takes place "in-situ" by immersion, listening & recording.

An underlying theme of "kdi dctb 146" is to question the apparent banality of such a sound environment and finally the unsuspected depth of an "active listening act" of such a place. Ultimately, it would be like, throughout this kind of fictitious soundwalk, to be « à la recherche du Presque rien » (in the search for almost nothing).
Each original recording, often very minimalist in form, may seem at first glance trivial or very stereotypical. They even includes a certain amount of confusion, linked to the context of the on site recording, and I did not sought to erase what is generally perceived as a disturbing external signal (aircraft, road traffic ..) but my idea was in most of the cases to reveal it.

This project also deals with the stereotype of the "beautiful sound recording" and, of course, with the conditioned reflex that we usually associate with." [label info]

1. kdi dctb 146 [e] (54:47)
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