Mama Bär more from Mama Bär  "Exorcismes From All My Fingers / Drei 3-Stuecke-Kraken"  2x LP + CDr
»Exorcismes From All My Fingers / Drei 3-Stuecke-Kraken« cover
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Exorcismes From All My Fingers:
"In the words of her husband and collaborator Kommissar Hjuler, this is the Mama Bär double album release of the century. A ritualistic culmination of all the Flensburg, German woman's latest cathartic, emancipated sonic soul awakenings. Eight epic spiritual evocations and alien dream soundtracks spread over four packed sides. A modern freak out unlike any other. Deluxe full colour artwork inside and out." [label info]

2LP is limited to 250 copies. Only 99 come with CDr.

"12-minute EP presents three riveting pieces for answering machine, and the room-clearing "Kraken" with Kommissar Hjuler! Exclusive sounds and art for the fans and collectors." [label info]

CDr is limited to 149 copies. 50 are only available with the Art Edition of the 2LP and 99 with the normal edition.

Exorcismes From All My Fingers

A1. Exorcisme~ (9:01)
A2. ~Retect (7:48)
B1. From All My Fingers Was A Distance (11:44)
B2. Die Waffen Des Eros (10:25)
C1. Die Kirche (15:36)
C2. Lichtblicke #2 (6:40)
D1. Lied Vorm Kuehlschrank (7:50)
D2. Kurz-Schnee (14:38)


1. Kraken (with Kommissar Hjuler) (4:47)
2. Drei Stuecke 1 (2:43)
3. Drei Stuecke 2 (1:51)
4. Drei Stuecke 3 (2:39)
price: 27,00 euro          
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