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· Dance, Techno, Breakcore
· Cut Up, Plunderphonics, Sound Collage
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"[black C-24 chrome cassette, first 30 tapes come in special handmade styrofoam-case, with aerosol etching, 1st edition limited to 50 copies.]
4 tracks of freshly exhumed doom(dub) from helsinki. jamaican steel rhythms in frozen echo-spaces." [label info]

review from VITAL WEEKLY 870:
"Oops. With some of that weird spelling on hand written covers, I mistook Grmmsk for Graaaask in Vital Weekly 813. They (*) are from Helsinki and play heavy slow dub music, which is even furthermore deconstructed than one would expect. The music seems, again, to have been lifted from reggae records and played through more effects, slowing it down in the process. Just what exactly is it that these guys are doing when creating their music, other than smoking another spliff? Less noisy than the previous release, quite dark and haunted. Oh and slooooooow, ma’n. Actually I like it quite a bit, but then I always had a weakness for dub music." (FdW) []

And the answer to this review by the artist:
"* dear (FdW), dear readers, actually GRMMSK is just a nerd bwoy and doesn’t use drugs, at all. thanks." [Grmmsk]

Limited to 50 copies! This is one of the first 30 copies in special handmade styrofoam-case!

A1. PRISON [Everywhere] (3:51)
A2. CRAZY [boneheads] (7:00)
B1. BETTER [must come] (4:26)
B2. [what] NEXT (7:32)
price: 7,00 euro          
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