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· Industrial, Noise, Power Electronics

Kusafuka Kimihide uncompromising as we know and love him.

"This CD closes K2's second chapter which, through almost two decades, littered the noise world with some of the brightest, most bewildering, and most dangerous metal junks-infused noise imaginable. Junk-A-Tohgenkyo bookends that era of K2, following the Target To Nowhere and Brainwash Education CDRs on Cipher and Tochnit Aleph respectively, with a collection of the project's final three live shows each staged in mid 2003. First, a solo set at Tokyo's legendary 20000V aptly titled "The Last Metal Storm". Second, a lengthy collaborative track with those titans of noise, the one and only Incapacitants, again at 20000V. Third, a less abrasive and utterly intriguing collaboration with Yukinori Kukichi (Billy?) served up at Tokuzo in Nagoya. Each track is a room recording, capturing all the eagerness, pressure, volume and weld sparks of the event. This CD must be played LOUD for true effect." [label info]

Limited edition of 250 copies in Digipak.

1. K2 - The Last Metal Storm (27:21)
2. K2 + Incapacitants - Three Hustle Actions (26:17)
3. K2 + Yukinori Kikuchi - Calm Town For Two Philosophies (13:28)
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