Skalpell more from Skalpell  "In Between"  CD
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   Deafborn Records more from Deafborn Records  dbcd03
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· Industrial, Noise, Power Electronics

"Melting faces everywhere...."

From harsh noise sculptures symbolizing the suffering and disease of the mentally over-evoluted human race... to meditative and repetitive sonic paradigms which open the door to passive resistance. SKALPELL are cutting through our souls with morbid obsession, like mad scientists in their blood-stained white dresses... performing a vivisection of your consciousness.

SKALPELL offer you the soundtrack to the progressing degeneration of our species illustrating the forthcoming big crunch of so-called 'intelligent-life' as we use to define ourselves. Therewith by opening your mind to SKALPELL you are given a powerful tool for personal catarsis before reaching terminal relief.

Spark of life
Stomach cancer
Ebola 1
Turn into stone
Turn into water
Groundloop 27
Under the ice

Total playtime : 74:49
price: 11,00 euro          
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