Various Artists more from Various Artists  "Oscotarach"  2x LP
»Oscotarach« cover
   Label   Catalog No.
   Deafborn Records more from Deafborn Records  dbvn04
Listed in genres:
· Drones, Dark Ambient
· Industrial, Noise, Power Electronics

Industrial and Dark Ambient split project release: 4 bands, 4 vinyl sides.
Special packaging!

A: Skalpell:
1. Summoner
2. Conscious without origin

B: Spherical Disrupted
1. Phantom
2. Daunt
3. SPH 265 HII
4. Com Verbot (Drehmoment)

C: Vollmer, Carsten
1. Götterschiff
2. Sturmvogel
3. Wetterleuchten
4. Innenwelt
5. Geisterreiter
6. Eistaufe

D: hidden technology
1. Educated Guess
2. Technology Doesn't Work
3. Calibrated Memories
4. Information Wants To Be Free

Style: Experimental Electronics, Industrial, Dark Ambient

Limited Edition 500 copies. Each copy is handnumbered.
180g Vinyl, Cardboard-LP Cover with 4 individually designed Cardboard-Inserts (offsetprinted)
transparent bag. Project Logo / Tracklisting shines through material

Project Information:
The project was inspired by an old native American legend which is mentioned in Leonard Cohen's book 'Beautiful Losers' : "his name was Oscotarach - and his task was to remove the brains of trespassers, to prepare them for eternity".

Project from Zürich (Switzerland) which roots in the so-called „Industrial Music“ of the early 1990ies. Skalpell have travelled far through the sub-styles of this genre: from harsh-noise walls to Dark Ambient with occasional quotes of popular musical elements. The project was founded in 1995 to transfer the anticipated reality into an adequate musical context. Skalpell is trying to project and dissect images from subconsciousness to an audible level. The band is reknown from their Mini-Clubhit "Wasserleiche" and from their highly successful album "In Between".

Carsten Vollmer
Uncomprehensible dense and murderous squeechings, knockings, bone-sawings. A huge carpet of ant-like noises. Terms like beauty, asthetics or musical standards are simply ignored. There is no evidence that these thick layerings of eletronic, yelling sounds represent violence - this sound doesn't remind oneself of war. It rather resembles the everyday life in an inhumane industrial world. We are nothing but observers.

Spherical Disrupted
Spherical Disrupted creates peculiar and dark sound structures between ambient athmospheres and noise music, using electronic sounds and field recordings. The project is operated by Mirko Hentrich / Essen, Germany. He is producing electronic and experimental music since 1988 using different monikers and with different projects.

hidden technology
hidden technology are working on the intersections between Low Frequency Ambient and Field Recordings, between acoustic and visual documentations of the personal living space since 1999. They explore the effects of popular culture in collective remembrance. hidden technology use synthetic drones, spoken word recordings and sounds from the Information Society with references to Post-Industrial up to Electronica styles.
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