Kouhei Matsunaga more from Kouhei Matsunaga  "for Gemini and back to Heian"  3inch CD
»for Gemini and back to Heian« cover
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   Feld Records more from Feld Records  feld002
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· Electronica, Ambient

3" CD in cardboard box 500 copies

is the new 3"CD release by Osakaís post-noise artist Kouhei Matsunaga.
Kouhei is well known for his numerous collaborations (e.g. with Merzbow, Niko Skorpio, Anla Courtis, ...) as is the number of musical styles he is passing through.
Although it seems one can always hear his roots in japanese noise, these two compositions are more coolly and donít make any use of "traditional" hiss or noise patterns.
Kouhei takes advantage of samples and loops but without pushing them to a "timed" sequence, the pieces are rhythmic but bypass beats or anything comparable.
Instead carefully organized dynamic alterations appear and subtle diversification is spread over the release.
All in all a quite calm, nevertheless intense CD.
Bernhard Schreiner

according to kouhei, he comes from a noise background.
yet the atmosphere of "For Gemini And Back To Heian" is surprisingly mellow. it deploys a wide range of musical features, sometimes very delicate. throughout, he mostly uses raw and unedited samples. In general the can-do approach seems to be stronger than the 'experimental' attitude.
He moves towards incalculable directions and it's worth the trip.
Tobias Still
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