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 Z´EV more from Z´EV  "Rhythmajik"  CD
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   Small Voices more from Small Voices  SVR 04010
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· Industrial, Noise, Power Electronics

Since the 1970’s Z´EV worked in a variety of media and was one of the founders of the cultural movement now known as `Industrial´. After several releases on important label like Die Stadt, Staalplaat, Touch, Soleilmoon, Tzadik, Subterranean, Dossier, Cold Spring, etc..., and great collaborations with artists like Sonic Youth, Glenn Branca, Psychic TV, Genesis P-Orridge, Organum, The Hafler Trio, John Zorn, La Fura dels Baus, etc......, we are very pround to presents new Z´EV studio album recorded in Los Angeles in 2003-2004. This audio material accompany the Italian edition of "Rhythmajik" (RHYTHMAJIK: Practical uses of Number, Rhythm and Sound). Z´EV, percussionist extraordinaire, played his homemade instruments (gongs, hand-made metal percussions, titanium plate, low steel drums). Z´EV proved to be a sensitive and skilled master of his instruments, creating complex rhythms and varied timbres... Experimental percussive industrial music... Don´t miss this magical album!!! Z´EV is a pioneer! The disc is packaged in a special cardboard digisleeve with varnished images. Limited edition of 1000 copies.

"SmallVoices asked me to provide some audio materials to accompany their edition of rhythmajik. They suggested that perhaps there could be an audio `statement´/`demonstration´ for each chapter. I thought long and hard about this and eventually took a look back at the work itself to see what i thought it would want. basically rhythmajik is more about numbers and a `new´ way of relating to them than it is about any particular style of drumming. and it deals with these numbers in two ways." (Z´EV)

In "RHYTHMAJIK", Z´EV has radically reformulated the mystical tradition commonly known as the Qabalha from an Astral/Cosmological focus, to an Earth-based paradigm, in harmony with the needs of our current time. It requires no knowledge of the Qabalha, nor does it assume or call for a prior knowledge of any of the traditional literatures. Stripping away the mysticism surrounding these teachings, Z´EV elucidates the principles behind the theories and transmits the results in as neutral a form as they have ever been presented. Rhythmajik comprehensively and clearly explains an easily applied system allowing anyone to harness the semantics of number to the power of sounded rhythms. Rhythmajik is not about music but spells out the use of rhythm and sound and proportion for Trance, Healing, etc. It features a unique Numerical Encyclopedia and two Numerical dictionaries comprising over 5000 beat patterns with their semantic meanings encompassing both healing and ritual vocabularies. RHYTHMAJIK illuminates the processes allowing these vocabularies to be transformed into potent rhythmic patterns enabling you to focus the awesome energies of the Earth and Mother Nature and let them flow throughout and then out through you. It includes information and has applications for people interested in Astrology, Divination, the Music of the Spheres, Numerology, Tarot and Visualization regardless of any particular interest in drumming. And by the way, for the first time it delivers the functions of the 9 Chambers. Originally published in 1992 by Temple Press UK, this revised version allows for both personal annotation and easy searching of topics.
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