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· Electronica, Ambient
· Drones, Dark Ambient

6 track live album by markus popp and jan st.werner preceding their upcoming studio album. "improvisers" features alternative versions and reconsiderations of "per formal", "quit not save", "feld 1" and "endless summer namm" from microstoria's 96' album "_snd" and the two new tracks "mem. brand" and "glocky bit". the recordings have been made in autumn 1998 during rehearsels for cologne's improv and avant-garde music festival "jack pohl". popp and werner played powerbook, cdr and tape effects on "improvisers". microstoria present evergreens and favourites in a very organic and playful way. the dispute between "really" played music and virtually "playable" music is abandoned for a more detailed and conciously personal analysis of what music can be. the framework in which microstoria creates structured audioprints becomes the background for their "read audio" conceptions. they translate the idea of music into a proposal of a logically modifiable and analysable system of musical thinking. "improvisers" documents an alternative effort of examinination strategies in an irrititating communerismrealworld.
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